Carolina Mattsson starts as postdoc

dr. Carolina Mattsson started as a postdoctoral researcher in the Computational Network Science group in May of 2020. She holds a doctorate in Network Science from Northeastern University, where she was an NSF Graduate Research Fellow. Her undergraduate degrees (Physics & International Relations) are from Lehigh University. In her research, Carolina aims to develop the network analysis tools and modeling frameworks we need to study the economy as a complex system. Her dissertation introduces a network analysis approach for large-scale transaction data and maps the movement of e-money through mobile money payment systems. It turns out that “following the money” through networks can be a fascinating perspective to take on Economics. Carolina has also been a member of the Lazer Lab advancing methods in computational social science and an NSF INTERN with Microfinance Opportunities incorporating network science into financial diaries methodologies. As a member of the CNS group, Carolina will contribute to and help supervise projects involving real-world production networks, financial transaction networks, and temporal network representations.